Marketing Research and Reporting Management

Marketing Research and Reporting Management

Conducting Market Research

Marketing managers use research to devise targeted and effective marketing campaigns. These managers execute and manage the campaign and coordinate the elements of it. Having a concept, message, and call to action is important for gaining customers in marketing campaigns.

Market research involves analyzing economic patterns and gathering customer information. Information like demographics and location can help determine who is buying a product or service and why.

As businesses strive to thrive in the competitive online marketplace, RiseIT360 emerges as the premier business partner for comprehensive MRRM services.

Our Comprehensive MRRM Services:

Our Comprehensive MRRM Services:


Devising, launching, and coordinating campaigns

Marketing managers use research to devise targeted and effective marketing campaigns.


Building relationships

Beyond closing sales and gaining new customers, building relationships is important in marketing management.


Market Research Reports

Affordable Market Research Reports & Consumer Survey Services. Hire RiseIT360 for vast and effective marketing research solutions


Media Monitoring and Analysis

Media monitoring and analysis service apply dedicated digital tools and resources to search and track digital campaigns and capture the deterministic actual reach and exposure across various media channels (traditional and digital) and their impact on your brand.


Path-To-Purchase Analysis

Consumer path-to-purchase has evolved considerably with the various stages of their journey – awareness, contemplation, media touch-points, decision-making, conversion and evaluation.


Branding/Packaging Evaluation

Product branding and packaging can be the determining factor in a product’s success or failure. RiseIT360 digital research capabilities provide an effective solution to your branding and packaging evaluation requirement.


Market Sizing Analysis

Our market sizing analysis can also help you decide on the right amount you might need to invest to get the best value from a particular market.


Digital Advertising Effectiveness

RiseIT360 tackles this challenge with campaign effectiveness analysis, a scientifically-driven research technique that captures the conscious and subconscious impact of marketing campaigns of all types of consumers to measure their effectiveness across a range of parameters.


Usage and Attitude Studies

To identify available opportunities and to make the most of them requires an in-depth understanding of market realities, which include key factors such as consumer expectations, demand and perceptions for products or services, consumption and usage patterns and growth opportunities among other factors - this is where RiseIT360 usage and attitude studies can help you to -

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